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Copper Ridge Roll

The traditional finish for a slate roof

copper ridge roll sample

copper ridge for slate roof

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copper ridge cap

Before high tech caulking and silicone, the traditional finish for a slate roof ridge was rolled copper or galvanized.  Held in place with concealed fasteners, this provided a closure with no exposed fasteners to protect the top seam of the roof.  The advantages are as follows:

  • No exposed fasteners

  • Traditional, high quality look and finish

  • Will not wear out like caulking/ice and water shield can

  • Copper ions will prevent mold/moss from growing on the roof

  • Can be made in custom sizes for different roof pitch and ridge beam width

  • Custom designs to appeal to customers aesthetic taste & needs

  • Proper design can serve as a roof ventilation system




galvanized ridge roll

We can also fabricate ridge caps and ridge roll out of galvanized.  We recommend using at least 26 ga or thicker material for this application.

Traditionally galvanized ridge rolls and flashings were painted with terne.  Terne was originally 80% lead and 20% tin, and could last approximately 80 years exposed.  Today terne is still available, but is 50% zinc and 50% tin.

Sometimes customers want to use galvanized for cost savings, or to match existing galvanized gutters in place at the house. 

Some Examples of Reasons for a Custom Copper Ridge Roll
  • Wood shingle roof with a ridge vent.  Customer did not like the look of the tapersawns raised over the ridge vent
  • Wide ridge pole on a shingle roof where standard hip and ridge will not cover properly
  • Slate roof where customer wanted a lower profile ridge than the standard copper ridge rolls
  • Steep roof pitch or very low roof pitch which requires custom angles

galvanized slate roof ridge

Feel free to call us at 1-800-685-8263 to discuss your projects needs.  We have stock and custom profiles available, and fast turn around time.  This product can be shipped anywhere in the US in lengths up to 10' long.

You can also email us your specs and requirements.



 The standard length of ridge rolls is 10 feet long, which we can crate and ship to you.  However, we can make these in 4 ft long pieces and provide you with splice plates for the seams.  This will allow us to ship the copper ridge roll to you  via ground shipping service (UPS or Fed Ex), and might make the trips up the ladder a bit easier for you....especially on a windy day.

copper ridge roll drawing





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